TraDaG  1.0
Training Data Generator
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NTraDaGThe TraDaG namespace contains everything belonging to the framework
 CAutoSimple struct that is mostly used for parameters that can be calculated automatically
 CBenchmarkerVery simple class for doing benchmarks and performance testing
 CCameraManagerUtility class to hold all the camera parameters of depth and RGB camera in one place
 CCVLDWrapperWrapper class for CVLD use cases of the framework
 CTrainingImageData of a single training image from the CVLDWrapper class
 CDroppableObjectClass representing a single object that can be dropped into RGB-D scenes
 CGroundPlaneClass representing the plane that DroppableObjects can drop on
 CImageLabelingClass that manages the labeling of a single scene
 CKDTreeImplementation of a KD tree used for nearest neighbor queries
 COgreWindowClass that manages all the OGRE-related things and performs the actual simulation processes and renderings
 CPlaneInfoClass that stores information about planes
 CRansacSimple implementation of the RANSAC (Random Sample Consensus)
 CRGBDSceneClass that represents an RGBD scene constructed from a depth and an RGB image
 CSceneAnalyzerManages a collection of scenes consisting of depth, RGB and label images
 CLabelIteratorInput iterator for iterating over scenes containing specific labels
 CPlaneIteratorInput iterator for iterating over scenes containing specific planes
 CSimulatorClass that manages simulations for a single scene
 CDropResultStruct holding the result of a simulation