TraDaG  1.0
Training Data Generator
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TraDaG Namespace Reference

The TraDaG namespace contains everything belonging to the framework. More...


 Namespace containing constants used throughout the framework.
 Namespace containing default values for many parameters.
 Namespace containing some predefined label map constants.
 Namespace containing string constants used throughout the framework.


struct  Auto
 Simple struct that is mostly used for parameters that can be calculated automatically. More...
class  Benchmarker
 Very simple class for doing benchmarks and performance testing. More...
class  CameraManager
 Utility class to hold all the camera parameters of depth and RGB camera in one place. More...
class  CVLDWrapper
 Wrapper class for CVLD use cases of the framework. More...
class  DroppableObject
 Class representing a single object that can be dropped into RGB-D scenes. More...
class  GroundPlane
 Class representing the plane that DroppableObjects can drop on. More...
class  ImageLabeling
 Class that manages the labeling of a single scene. More...
class  KDTree
 Implementation of a KD tree used for nearest neighbor queries. More...
class  OgreWindow
 Class that manages all the OGRE-related things and performs the actual simulation processes and renderings. More...
class  PlaneInfo
 Class that stores information about planes. More...
class  Ransac
 Simple implementation of the RANSAC (Random Sample Consensus). More...
class  RGBDScene
 Class that represents an RGBD scene constructed from a depth and an RGB image. More...
class  SceneAnalyzer
 Manages a collection of scenes consisting of depth, RGB and label images. More...
class  Simulator
 Class that manages simulations for a single scene. More...


typedef std::vector< DroppableObject * > ObjectVec
 Vector of pointers to DroppableObject instances.
typedef std::vector< unsigned short > LabelVec
 Vector of label values as they are defined in the label images.
typedef std::map< std::string, LabelVecLabelMap
 Mapping of string labels to label values.


Ogre::Matrix3 cvToOgre (const cv::Matx33f &mat)
Ogre::Vector2 cvToOgre (const cv::Vec2f &vec)
Ogre::Vector3 cvToOgre (const cv::Vec3f &vec)
cv::Matx33f ogreToCv (const Ogre::Matrix3 &mat)
cv::Vec2f ogreToCv (const Ogre::Vector2 &vec)
cv::Vec3f ogreToCv (const Ogre::Vector3 &vec)

Detailed Description

The TraDaG namespace contains everything belonging to the framework.